Language Trainings

General characteristics of the courses


  • Native or native-like teachers

  • 90 minutes (2 units) per week, whole course: 14 weeks (28 units)

  • Max. 6 participants

  • Easy going and friendly atmosphere

  • Required topics from the participants will be built into the curriculum

  • Regular homework (video and/or text)

  • Feel like home: coffee, tea and homemade krówki

  • Diverse media like short movies/videos, texts, pictures, music

Deutsch Konversation©

Do you want to speak German without blockade and struggling with the grammar and finding words? Are you tired of being corrected all the time and of the million task sheets per lesson? Are you desperate because the German language is so “complicated”?

Then, this is a right place for you.

Deutsch für Büro und Business©

You work with German clients or for a German company? You have to write emails, make phone calls, and provide customer service?

Numerous German companies are located in Kraków and this trend appears to continue in 2016! A lot of employees have problems with the specific vocabulary, with writing emails or answering phone calls appropriately and sometimes they also enounter difficulties with the different culture.

Deutsch für E-Mails NEW COURSE!

You work with German clients or for a German company? You have to write emails but you are not sure how to do that? Or you write regularly emails but you are still not really happy with your performance? Then you’ve come to the right place! …