Deutsch für Büro und Business©


You work with German clients or for a German company? You have to write emails, make phone calls, and provide customer service in German? Do you have difficulties with all this stuff? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Numerous German companies and companies with German speaking customer service or other departments are located in Kraków and this trend appears to continue in 2019! A lot of employees have problems with the specific vocabulary, with writing emails or answering phone calls appropriately, participating on call conferences, having small talk with the German clients etc. Sometimes they also encounter difficulties with the different culture.

No books, only own materials which were developed on the basis of the experience as a business language teacher and business communication trainer. The materials are continuously reviewed and updated. Including video and audio materials.

Course Content

  • Work environment and professions
  • How to apply (CV, cover letter, job interview)
  • German business culture
  • Writing emails
  • Phone conversation
  • Presentation techniques
  • German products and companies
  • Customer Service
  • Business vocabulary

Technical details

Duration: 14 weeks, 90 minutes/week (28 units)

In this semester we are not offering business courses. Sorry 🙁

Required level for both courses: B2-C1

Price: 4 participants: 549 zł, 5-6 participants: 499 zł.

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