Deutsch Intensiv Light © – Konversation B1-B2


This course is about to boost your language skills. We help you improve your expression and discussing skills, build your vocabulary and fine tune your intercultural competency. Moreover, one of main goals is to help you to overcome your language blockade. You will see and feel the development!

Course Content

  • communication itself (talking, discussing, arguing etc.)
  • intercultural communication
  • German idioms used in the everyday language
  • interesting stuff from the world of languages
  • language differences between English, Polish and German
  • colloquial language and slang
  • Living in Cracow

Technical details

Duration: 2 weeks, Monday-Tuesday-Thursday, 3x45mins (18 units)

Level: B1-B2

Start: 30.09.2019

Time: 17:30-19:45

Price: In case of 4 participants: 415 PLN, in case of 5-6 participants: 365 PLN.

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